Professional eBook and Print Interior Services

Whether you just want basic book formatting services or you need a fully-customized experience, we’ve got you covered. If you don’t see a package here that fits your needs, contact us with details about your project and we’ll send you a quote. Every book that we format receives dedicated, personal attention and we’ll work with you every step of the way to achieve a book that you’re proud to show off. Unlike services that simply run your existing files through a meat grinder, we take the time and care that is necessary to format your book appropriately for the publishing outlet(s) you choose. If you have questions, contact us. We’re here to help!

From just the basics to our Complete Formatting Package we have you covered!

eBook Formatting

Electronic Book formats are a great way to get your work distributed. They’re incredibly versatile and feed that hunger for instant gratification. With just a click or two, your reader can have your entire book in her hands, in seconds. Not to mention, that publication costs are much lower than print, which means that your profits can be much higher.

We provide clean, professional formatting, intuitive functionality, and confidence that all of your eBook formats work and look, just like they’re supposed to, keeping your reader focused on your story.

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Print Interior Formatting

There’s something divine about holding a book in your hand; the faint scent of ink and paper, the whisper of a turned page, the weight of a book, clasped to your chest as you imagine the world woven from it’s words. Print books have a permanence that electronic formats lack. They can be passed on and shared, or kept as treasures to revisit time and time again. We will work directly with you to give your print book a look and feel that is unique and professional. We’ll help you choose fonts, styling, and a layout that fits your literary masterpiece.

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Complete Formatting Package

Our Complete Format Package includes everything from our eBook & Print Interior packages, bundled in a nicely discounted package. Save $100 dollars when you purchase both formats at once.

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Unique Book Formatting

Do you have a unique project that needs unique book formatting? Something “experimental,” heavily formatted, a book of poetry? We want to hear all about it! With nearly a decade of design and layout experience, we can produce just about any look or feel you desire.

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Proofreading and Copy Editing Services

Issues with spelling, grammar, punctuation, word usage, and even transitions and phrasing can be disruptive to your reader, leaving them with feelings of confusion or distrust. You’ve chosen our professional formatting service to give your manuscript a cohesive look through choices of font, artwork, and layout so your readers can enjoy themselves without having their eye catching anything disruptive. Consider also giving your manuscript that further polish with our professional proofreading and copy editing services. Your readers will have more respect for your work, which leads to better reviews, greater audience growth, and a positive business model. You can trust our eye for detail to catch any small errors you may have made as we work with you to help refine the professional and polished work of art you have created.


We’ll help you to polish off those final details: misspellings and confused words; minor grammatical errors, including subject-verb agreement and verb tense usage and consistency; punctuation like commas, apostrophes, and hyphenation; capitalization; typos.

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Copy Editing

The whole shebang, everything you get with proofreading and the next step: we’ll evaluate the cohesiveness of your work,  the voice and tone of your writing style and apply recommendations where that voice could be stronger and clearer, and note changes in your style that affect the continuity of your work. Copy editing is a very thorough process and our editor will work collaboratively with you.

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Manuscript Review

Let us help you decide which editing service meets your needs. We’ll review your manuscript and provide you with recommendations to improve the quality of your manuscript and the reader experience.

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